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How to Date Alpha Women (Here’s What It Takes)

If you are someone who is drawn to the magnetic strength and sexiness of a strong woman, and you want to learn exactly how to date Alpha Women… then you will know that these type of girls won’t respond to run of the mill dating protocol.  

Again.. I’m talking about how to date an Alpha Woman, and in this video, I’m going to reveal how to win her over and handle her strength so that you still come out as the hero she is looking for!

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As an alpha woman myself, I can testify that what I am about to tell you in this video are vital inside secrets on how to win us over and still be the strong male that she wants.  And to clarify what I believe an Alpha woman is , it s a woman who has both strength and femininity and is able to lead and love at the same time. 

So, if you are ready to learn about how to date strong Alpha women who keeps you on your toes, then make sure you stay right to the end, because the last point is the most important! 

Alright let’s do this!


1: Initiate and communicate – we don’t waste time on trivial conversation 

The first thing you should know about Alpha women is that we don’t have time to waste. The majority of us are building careers, leading companies, pursuing our passions and filling our life with meaningful actions and achievements .

We want a man in our lives, but only if he is on the same page and is ready to add value to us.   Meaning he is ready to head in the same direction of building a strong , loving relationship and he can communicate that through the way he treats us and make us an even better version of ourselves.

So when it comes to talking with us , we want to build some rapport but then we want you to cut to the chase and just ask us out. 

If you have started a conversation online, then don’t wait weeks till you finally ask her out. She will get bored, assume you aren’t interested and basically swipe you away. 

Be assertive and confident by asking her out after a few conversational messages back and forth. 

A strong woman will also initiate conversation and dates, but she appreciates a man who does the same and isn’t afraid to just be a grown up and communicate. 

Which brings me to the second part in this first point. Clear communication is vital with an Alpha woman. She isn’t into games and she likes certainty and transparency. 

I had a client who was a millionaire and gorgeous woman and she had this man in her life who earn less than her and lived with his grandmother . Now this guy was actually an awesome guy the only issues was , was that he keeps being indecisive and was always hot and cold. I told my client to let this guy go and thankfully when she did that he stepped up , got his act together and was able to bring all his value to her. 

The reason I’m telling you this is I don’t want you to delay or lose a good woman like this guy almost did just because you think you have to have the same status as her or need to try and play hot and cold to keep her on her toes. 

So, if you want to date an Alpha woman make sure you are open and honest with her all the way.  

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2:  Always be leading – even when we try to take over 

So typically, Alpha women have leadership qualities and therefore will have the default behaviour to want to take control and lead. For example, she might open the door instead of letting you, or try and organise the date or just take the initiation herself. 

At times an Alpha woman can be seen as too assertive, almost bossy  because she has a strong conviction about herself and is assertive by nature. But this is where you need to take the reins back!

If she goes to grab the door, step in front and say gently “I think that’s my job” and then open the door or pull out the chair etc. 

If she starts to step too much into the masculine role, take over by gently placing your hand over hers and then saying “here I’ll do it” or “Let me do that” it’s that gentle assertiveness that will make her feel like you are someone who can take control and be there to lead her. That’s something to keep in mind when knowing how to date alpha women. 


3: Tell her no- don’t be a doormat 

An alpha woman will most likely have an opinion and a strong energy, so the last thing she wants is a man who she can walk all over. We aren’t looking for a puppy dog, we are looking for a man who can equal us in strength whilst also making us feel weak at the knees. 

Don’t be afraid to disagree with her or tell her that you have something else in mind if she suggests something different. Show her that you also have standards and strengths and one of the easiest ways to do this is to not become a YES man or someone who just passively agrees with whatever she wants 

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4: Add some romance in – we crave to feel feminine 

Just because we are strong women, does not mean that we don’t appreciate being made to feel girly or giggly. Truth is we love being made to feel special and feminine. 

Now wanting to be romanced doesn’t mean we want you to do ridiculous gestures like buying one of those giant teddy bears and a heart necklace saying “you complete me “, but rather we appreciate thought that goes into gestures or dates.

 Like remembering her favorite wine, or organizing a sunset picnic.

You see being romanced offers us a rare opportunity to switch off from being the strong woman all the time and just indulge in being vulnerable, so If you can create that for her, you will win her over!


5: Be organised with your dates – we have higher standards  

Ok let me just say higher standards doesn’t mean we are high maintenance, we just don’t put up with no or little effort.

We want to know that we are a priority not just an option because we will not settle for second best

So, don’t leave things to the last minute, plan in advance and dress to impress, because an Alpha woman will always bring her A Game and so she expects the same. 


6: She wants you to be her hero – even if she pretends she doesn’t  

How to date alpha women right off the bat with probably most important lesson – we may look like we don’t need saving, but secretly we want a man to go to at the end of the day to hold us and tell us everything will be ok. 

We will put on the brave face and are used to doing a lot of things in our own strength, but every strong woman wants a man who makes her feel like she is special and that she can rely on him to be her strength at times. 

Now the best way to communicate that you can be this man for her is by asking her “do you need help with that? “or being an active listener when she wants to talk and if she says “sorry I shouldn’t be talking so much or saying all this “smile and softly encourage to keep talking. Make her feel like it’s ok to be human and that you are there for her. 

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how to flirt

How To Flirt With Girls Like George Clooney (Without the Money or Fame)

Okay, look…  George Clooney has a certain charm that drives women crazy, but it’s not just because he is rich, famous, and good looking.

There are tons of rich, famous and good-looking men that don’t have the sex appeal of George Clooney.

So what is it? What does he do differently?

Well, I will break it down in this video…

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How To Flirt With Girls Like George Clooney

George Clooney has many traits a woman is looking for in a classy man. He’s both a badass and a gentleman, and that drives women crazy! He can approach women and have them fall for him effortlessly!

Looking at it from a deeper perspective, it’s not just his fame that landed him in the hearts of millions of women around the world – rather, it’s what he does; the walk, the talk, the mentality of a successful classy Man.

So, what makes Clooney one of the most attractive men on the planet?


His Body Language Emits “Relaxed Confidence”

Body language is what women first see even at a distance and before you speak to her. This is a major factor in creating the first impression, and first impressions are crucial.

What George Clooney’s doing right:

  • He’s not moving fast.
  • He moves with grace.
  • He usually has a smirk on his face, almost as if he’s saying: “I love my life and I bet you’d want to be a part of it!

Take a look at how George Clooney moves. Notice how he has a relaxed swagger about him like everything is going his way. He looks high status, and it’s not just because of his clothes.

This calm, confident body language and expression makes him stand out, and girls notice. 

What men usually do wrong:

  • Looking down while walking
  • Slouching
  • Moving quickly in a jerking motion
  • Fidgeting, scratching, and other unnecessary movements

How to fix it:

Most guys  look down while walking but looking down is an unconscious submissive behavior. And it’s also a sign of being depressed. What you can do is focus on keeping your head up and looking where you’re going.

Another very important part to attractive body language is to slow things down. Don’t move quickly or in a jerky motionFidgeting shows that you’re not grounded while moving calmly has a way of  demonstrating status and confidence. . These might be subtle movements, but women will instinctively notice them.

So from now on, pay attention to how you move. Walk like you own the place. Grab your balls, tell yourself you’re the MAN and MAN UP. Remember, You’re the prize, you’re the guy who’s gonna get the girl!


His Voice Is Damn Sexy

Clooney possesses a great natural control of his “Bedroom voice” -which is a deep, relaxing, yet strong and commanding tone that sets the mood and creates immediate sexual tension when done right.

What George Clooney’s doing right:

  • Speaks clearly and slowly
  • Pauses while talking
  • Uses a low voice
  • Speaking is relaxed and doesn’t feel forced

He speaks in an at ease tone and with a low voice. And in case you don’t know, women are attracted to lower voices. He also slows down his speech, which is similar to what I mentioned about the body language.

What men usually do wrong:

  • Talking too quickly, stuttering
  • Not pausing
  • Trying too hard to imitate another voice
  • Using a higher pitch when ending sentences

How to fix it:

Slowing down your speech and using pauses, creates romantic tension. It’s very powerful and these two things help to set the mood. As I said, women are attracted to lower voices. But don’t try to imitate another voice – because you’ll end up sounding unnatural and you’re going to mess it up.

What you can do is master your own voice with practice. Everyone has their own voice, so make sure you speak clearly, with a lower tone, and pause so you’ll avoid stuttering. Also, when you’re talking too fast, there is no romantic tension, and it sounds like you’re not sure of yourself.

So remember, be conscious of how you speak.


His Eye Contact Is Irresistible To Women

Just by the way he looks at women, he can turn her on and trigger desire. Notice how when Clooney is looking at a girl, it’s like he “wants her” and he knows she wants him.

What George Clooney’s doing right:

  • Maintains strong eye contact
  • Looks at her with desire (and not the creepy way!)
  • Isn’t afraid or intimidated by a girls stare

It’s not just any regular eye contact, it’s sexual eye contact.  It’s a look that’s full of power and confidence that can slowly put you in a trance. Like he’s tracing your thoughts and piercing into your soul… GET OUT OF MY HEAD GEORGE CLOONEY!

What men usually do wrong:

  • Release eye contact
  • Looks from one direction to another then goes back to eye contact (the creepy way)
  • Gets intimidated and stares away while talking

How to fix it:

Don’t be afraid to look deep into her eyes. It shows you’re engaged and interested and it creates romantic tension. But you can’t just stare at her bug eyes. Instead, look at her like you know you are going to give her the utmost sexual satisfaction if she’s so lucky.

And here’s a pro tip for you! When maintaining eye contact, look into HER left eye only, don’t switch between the eyes. Just look in one eye, and she will feel you are really connecting with her. Practice in front of the mirror, so you hone this skill.


“What If?”

There’s a reason behind why the scene with JLo & Clooney in the movie “Out of Sight” is so seductive.What he says in that clip will make women want to sleep with you fast!

Note how he asks the questions “What if” and talks about not missing life’s opportunities. Specifically the opportunity of running into someone you love. He tells a girl to live life without regrets – and that she should be taking risks.

“What if I had stopped? What if I had said something?”

He’s essentially telling her that she should live in the moment and to not let opportunities pass her… in other words, “The opportunity to be with him.”

I say something similar to a girl before I start escalating romantically. You see, all women have the instinctual nature to be sensual. Their bodies are wired to give them intense and continuous pleasure. However, society and culture have played their part in suppressing these raw emotions. Making women believe that they should conform to what people tell them to – this leads to what we call the “anti-slut defense” that women often have that prevents them from sleeping with a guy even if they want to.

How to break the “anti-slut defense”:

  • Talking about her feeling free and seizing opportunities will show her that you’re not going to judge her for her actions. Women hold back their intimate desires because they don’t want to be judged, they don’t want to be labeled as sluts and shunned by society.
  • Opening up about intimate topics in a calm and reassuring way builds trust- and the more she trusts you, the more likely the relationship will become more intimate.

There’s a lot more to George Clooney than just his fame or his looks. He’s an Attractive Man by all standards. We can’t all be a George Clooney, but knowing how he does it can help you boost your own charisma around the ladies.

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how to be attractive to women

How To Plant The Idea In Her Mind That She’s Going Home With You

Wanna discover yet again how to be attractive to women? Do you know why bringing home a girl you just met is called getting luckyIt’s called that because most guys don’t know what they did differently to bring “this” girl home.

When I first got started on this journey, I remember it was like walking on an Indiana Jones wobbly bridge. Sometimes I would go home alone, frustrated that I spent all that time out with nothing to show for it. Other times, I was having some of the best adventures of my life that made those hours out all worth it.

Even with these amazing nights, there was still a problem.

I didn’t know what I was doing differently with girls I left with compared to the girls that went nowhere. And I didn’t know how to be attractive to women in a way that delivered consistent results.

how to be attractive to women

Finally, after some reading and research, I figured it out.

I figured out one of the key “techniques” you need to use to help you consistently cross that bridge from a stranger to a lover.

If you’ve been studying the game or going through some of our courses, you know that there are 5 fundamentals of closing.

The overarching theme of these techniques, by the way, is that you’re proactive about the pull.

Most guys get lucky because they talk and talk and talk and then at the end of the night ask the girl, “Want to go to my place?”

Instead, what made my results more consistent was being proactive about bringing a girl home from the moment I started the interaction.

Now, there are a lot of elements that go into getting a girl attracted to you, comfortable with you and then seducing her, but what I want to talk about today is one technique that is very powerful when it comes to proactively bringing a girl home.

Planting The Seed That She Is Going Home With You

The technique I want to talk about today is “Seeding the pull.”

If you don’t know, it’s like the movie Inception; plant the idea in the girls head that you two will be hanging out later.

It’s like when a friend says to you, “After the bar let’s go hang out at my house.”

When you agree, you now have the idea that after the bar you’re heading to your friend’s place.

We want to have the girl in that position. The way to do this is planting the seed early.  I like to do this while getting the logistics.

For example, if I want to know if a girl lives near me, I’ll ask where she’s from. If she lives near me, I’ll plant the idea that we’re hanging out later.

My favorite one is, “Let’s go grab food after this.

When I meet a girl, I’m quick to ask where she’s from and plant the idea, “Let’s get food later.” All this happens within the first 5 minutes. This line works well during the day after an instant date for coffee or trying to bring a girl home from the club.

If you want to know how to be attractive to women in a way that provides consistent results, it’s also crucial that you keep reminding her of that seed you planted. Water it, so it grows.

Once I plant the seed of getting food later, I’ll keep bringing up the topic of food. “What’s your favorite food? Where do you normally go out to eat? My favorite place to go to after this is XYZ. I’m looking forward to going to XYZ after this.

The reason I like to use grabbing food is that usually, it’s a bit tougher to build comfort in a nightclub than if you two were sitting down somewhere. If you’ve been following us or studying the game, you’ll know a girl needs attraction and comfort before seduction, and the game is mainly played in comfort.

how to be attractive to women

Also, I don’t know about you, but after a night out I’m usually hungry and so is the girl, so I find “grabbing food” is an easier win than trying to go straight to your place. Remember, you want to baby step her to your place meaning you visit a few places along the journey of where you first meet to your place.

Some other ideas are, let’s go grab a drink at XYZ place (like a lounge or bar with little distractions), after party at my place, come see my pet, I got to show you that funny video I mentioned earlier, or any other idea you can come up with.

Repeating makes the idea more real. I’m exaggerating but if she said yes 100 times to grabbing a pizza later, when you finally say, “Let’s go grab a pizza,” she can’t say no. Oh, and the reason I normally go for pizza is that it’s one of those foods that almost everyone likes and you can get it by the slices, so it’s quick, easy and doesn’t get the girl full to the point where she’s passing out.

Planting the seed also makes that transition of moving from one place to the next so much smoother.

If I’m out and want to bring a girl back, it’s so much easier when I plant the seed than what I used to do. What I used to do was not say anything at all about us hanging out later today until the very end.

Only when she was about to leave did I ask, “Do you want to come over?” It’s too random, out of the blue, and you didn’t get a chance to build it up.

When you made it clear that you guys are grabbing food after this and she agreed, then saying, “Let’s grab food” and leading the way is the logical next step. She is going to go with you.

Here’s a simple structure you can use to plant a seed successfully:

Imagine where you are a girl and where you want to be is a bridge. Use what’s on the other side to plant the seed. And that seed will grow into your bridge to get across.

Say I’m at a coffee shop with a girl, and I know I want to bring her to a quick place to grab food near me. I’ll plant the idea that, “Hey, I want to take you to one of my favorite restaurants real quick after our coffee.

I wouldn’t wait to say this until she’s about to leave. I’d say this while we’re waiting for our coffee. And I would say it as early as possible, so I can build up the idea that, “You are going to love this place. They have the coolest….”

Make her want to cross that bridge with you.

When it’s time to go, there’s a smooth transition. You don’t have to be Harry Houdini and pull a trick out of your sleeves trying to convince the girl to go to the next place. You already agreed to that 20 minutes ago.

Your Weekend Mission (If you choose to accept)

Beginners: Reflect on your last 3 approaches. Did you plant any seeds to extend the interaction?

Make at least 5 approaches with the goal of getting an instant date. Try planting the seed to go from the instant date to the next spot.

If you don’t get the instant date, plant the seed for meeting up in the future (good way to transition into getting her number). “Since you can’t grab coffee/drink now, what day are you free?…Alright, let’s grab a coffee then. What’s your number so I can text you?

Advanced: Reflect on your last 3 approaches. Did you plant any seeds to extend the interaction?

Make at least 10 approaches with the goal of getting an instant date. Try planting the seed to go from the instant date to the next spot. If you don’t get the instant date, plant the seed for meeting up in the future (good way to transition into getting her number).

If you do night game, make 5 approaches and try to isolate a girl by baby stepping her to another part of the bar (to grab drinks, get fresh air, hit the dance floor, explore another part of the venue, etc.) Try and “baby step” her back to your place.

Alright, guys, there’s the tip of the week!

Be sure to go out there and start implementing it RIGHT AWAY. Success loves the speed of implementation.

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