is masturbation good or bad

Is Masturbation Good or Bad | Does NoFap Work?

Look, man. Fapping, Wanking, Rubbing one off, Shaking the Sausage – wherever you’re from, you have a term for it. Masturbation. Is masturbation good or bad? And does NoFap work?

In this video, I share the science and psychology behind masturbation. I’ll also share how this effects your interactions with women.

So, before you decide to sharpen your pencil (if you know what I mean), make sure to watch this video first:

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Does NoFap Work?

Fapping, Wanking, Rubbing one off, Shaking the Sausage – wherever you’re from, you have a term for it. Masturbation. Have you ever wondered…Does masturbation hurt my chances with women?

Can masturbation decrease my attractiveness to hot girls? Does Nofap work?

According to, as of last year, 95% of Men admit to masturbating. 55% admit to masturbating weekly, while 40% admit to masturbating daily.

That’s a significant percentage of men! Roughly all of us know about masturbation and even do it on a regular basis. According to the same source, yet women are in on the action – 89% admit to doing the deed. That’s right men; girls like to rub one out, too.

But how come a lot of guys think that teasing your Weiner has harmful effects while others argue it’s great for you. Well, let’s see what medical science and psychology has to say.

First, Why do men jerk off in the first place?

According to Studies have proven that masturbation has the following effects on men:

It relieves sexual tension, reduces stress, helps you sleep better, improves your self-esteem and body image, and it can help treat sexual problems (for hormonal imbalance, etc.)

Doctors even encourage masturbation as it promotes overall sexual health. However, this must be done in moderation as too much of it can prove to have harmful physical and mental effects.

Now onto the real question, does it limit or decrease your chances with women?

What happens when we FAP?

According to (2014), The process of male ejaculation involves four steps/phases: Arousal, Plateau, Orgasm, and Resolution and Refraction.

  1. The Arousal phase is the start; it involves the perception of sexual interest and start of stimulation. Activation of dopamine (pleasure hormone) and serotonin (mood-regulating hormone). And the release of neurotransmitters like Acetylcholine. Blood flow increases and concentrates on the penis causing an erection. The veins shut to keep the blood in the penis to maintain the erection. All other muscles of the body tense up.
  2. The Plateau phase is the preparation to orgasm. Where your heart rate rapidly increases. Pre-cum usually oozes out to cleanse the urethra for anticipation to shoot your load.
  3. After that, the Orgasm has two steps
    1. The Emission, or the “point of no return.” where semen is deposited near the top of the urethra, ready for the ejaculation.
    2. And the actual Ejaculation,  that occurs in a series of rapid-fire contractions of the penile muscles and around the base of the anus. Involuntary pelvic thrusting may also occur. Dopamine plays a role in the “reward” in orgasm, giving the pleasurable feeling after ejaculating.
  4. Resolution and refraction follow after. This is the recovery phase where the erection goes away, muscle tension fades, and feeling of relaxation and drowsiness usually follows. A drop in testosterone level occurs. But nothing significant to affect overall health.

Now that you know what happens when we fap, here’s how it can affect your chances with women:


Ever heard of the popular saying, “Never leave the house with a loaded gun?

(In case you still didn’t get it – it means masturbate before you go to the club or on a date)

That saying was made to prevent men from thinking about sex all the time. The belief was if you kept thinking of getting into her pants, you would mess up and throw your game off entirely.

However, after you orgasm and during your resolution and refraction phase, your testosterone levels drop, along with your neurotransmitters and dopamine levels that have already fully rewarded you with the feeling that you just had sex!

Your body has already perceived that you’ve finished your instinctive role as a man, which is to procreate, thus severely depleting your motivation to go out there and meet real women. In your mental state, you’ll be less motivated to approach women or go on dates and probably end up staying home.

Keep in mind also that Testosterone is your “manly hormone” involved with developing male sexual characteristics. Growing a beard, a deep voice, increasing muscle mass. Levels of testosterone differ from person to person during puberty, which is why some men are hairier than others, and others have deeper voices.

So even if you do will yourself to go out and talk to girls, you might appear less manly due to your depleted testosterone level. Plus, If your motivation and desire to have sex is down, then you won’t have that same seductive look in your eye when you talk to women. One of the biggest aphrodisiacs for a woman is to feel desired by a sexually confident man. Women love it when a man they like is turned on by them. That’s much harder to do after you just rubbed one out.

What I recommend: Hold off with spanking your monkey if you’re planning on going out and meeting women, this includes dates. You’ll feel more confident, manly, and motivated with a full load. Plus if things went great and you end up at your place, you can release all you want. (Remember to always practice safe sex)


Masturbation in itself is a healthy exercise for men and is advised by doctors to help improve sexual health as a whole. But remember, too much of a good thing is still bad for you.

Dopamine and Serotonin are regulated to give you pleasure in connection to your experience. Masturbating too much over too impractical stimuli (such as fantasy pornography) can hotwire your brain to only respond to what you’re used to.

When it comes to doing the real thing, your mind and body will either (1) Feel desperate to get an instant orgasm and you’ll cum too early, or (2) Reject the feeling and leave your penis flaccid. We’ve all been there, and both of those scenarios suck pretty bad.

Getting too used to having sexual gratification through masturbation can result in a short circuit in your body’s response to the real thing. Your Arousal phase may no longer function properly – resulting in too early an orgasm or not getting an erection at all. And we all know how embarrassing that can get.

What I recommend: Masturbate only once or twice a week, and try not to use pornography. Instead, fantasize about women you’ve actually had sex with It can help your confidence and boost your self-esteem if you masturbate to memories of your previous sexual encounters. Better yet, don’t masturbate at all. The real thing is way better. (wink wink)


When done in the wrong way, if you use it to escape reality or mask negative feelings – that’s where it takes a wrong turn.

You see, when masturbation is linked to depression and anxiety, it can worsen the feeling afterward. Just like harmful drugs or alcohol, when used as a remedy to forget depression, masturbation can be highly addictive and damaging to your psyche.

The resolution and refraction phase, (last step) should be coupled with feelings of success and achievement. That is what is essential to building confidence and self-esteem.

When one enters the last phase (immediately post orgasm) reality comes back stronger and more vivid than ever. When that reality is followed by guilt, anxiety, and depression, that can lead to devastating mental damages. This is what usually starts the downward spiral to clinical depression and addiction. And we don’t want ourselves to go there.

What I recommend: Never masturbate when you’re depressed or have just experienced a loss in your life. And don’t use it to escape reality. Better yet, focus on stuff like exercise or a good hobby to get negative thoughts off of your mind.

So remember, if you want to masturbate don’t do it before you meet women or before a date, don’t use porn, don’t get carried away and do it all the time and don’t do it as a way to escape the real world.

That’s all for now man! I’m out – Cheers!