how to get a girls number

How To Get A Girls Number: Know Her Logistics

It’s not all about how to get a girls number. You’d have to know her logistics, too. How else can you go for “Day 2” and close the deal? You might never get to see her again.

Here’s the story:

Who wants to come with me to switch IDs?” Fortunately, it was the most beautiful one in the group that said, “I will!”

The bar I was at last weekend in NYC had foosball where you had to exchange your ID for the ball. As we walk over to the bar for me to get my ID back and for her to swap hers, I whisper in her ear, “I’m glad you’re the one that came. You’re the one I wanted.” As her eyes lit up, I put my arms around her waist and guided her through the crowd (as a masculine man always leads).

While we waited at the bar, I took the opportunity to spike some attraction and getting her comfortable with my touch.

Fast forward 30 minutes later, after playing some foosball and grabbing a drink with her friends, I asked her if she had a chance to explore the restaurant upstairs. Why? Because I wanted to get her alone where I can escalate to the kiss and get to know her without the interruptions or distractions of her friends.

As we’re talking and getting to know each other, I feel it’s time to go in for a kiss. So I do. For the rest of the night, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Things are going perfectly! We’re spending all night together, going back and forth and the chemistry is electric.

how to get a girls number

“I definitely have to see her again.” I thought.

After spending all night with a beautiful girl, I realized I made one of the biggest mistakes… I didn’t get her logistics. Waking up the next day, I thought for sure I’m going to make things happen with this girl. After some texting back and forth to set up a date, I found out she lives two hours away…

Instead of spending the night meeting girls who live near me, I spent the night with a girl I’m never going to see again.

Getting a girl to drive 5 minutes to meet up for coffee is easy. Trying to convince a girl to drive 2 hours for that same coffee is difficult; no matter how much she loves pumpkin spiced lattes from Starbucks.

In case you don’t know, one of the most important aspects of meeting women and dating isn’t just how to get a girls number but getting a girl’s logistics.

What are logistics?

Getting her logistics is when you ask the girl questions to figure out what her situation is. The purpose of this is to figure out the likelihood of steering the interaction where you want it to go.

For example, does she live 10 minutes away or 2 hours? That little bit of information would’ve told me, “Alright, I can set up a date for tomorrow, or I need to push to make things happen tonight.”

Whenever and wherever you meet a girl, you need to figure out the girl’s logistics.  

For this email, I’ll focus on day time logistics. For those interested to learn more and how to apply it to the night time, here’s a previous blog I wrote: Night Time Logistics.

As I said before, logistics is figuring out what you need to know to set up an instant date, bring her home, set up a date later this week or any other result you want.

Say you see a beautiful girl on the streets and walk over to say hello. One of the most important bits of information you need to know is “How much time will you have with her?

Let me ask if this ever happened to you. You approach a girl, things are going well, and then suddenly she says she has to go because she’s late to meet friends. Then you’re left fumbling at the last minute, trying to figure out how to get a girls number.

What mistake did you make in this situation? You never figured out how much time you have to work with.

I want to help you avoid this problem. Next time you go out approaching, I want you to answer the question, “How much time do I have?”

Here are some questions you can ask the girl to answer that question:

how to get a girls number

Ask the right questions.

  • What are you up to right now?
  • Where are you headed?
  • Are you free for a bit?
  • What are your plans today?
  • What are you doing after this?
  • When are you free next?

Based on her answer, you know how to pace the interaction. If she says, she’s actually late for work you know to go for the number and set up a date. If she tells you she’s going shopping today, you may be able to spend a bit more time getting to know her.

These questions are to get you started, but I want you to be able to come up with these on your own. In the first couple minutes of the approach, I want you to think, “what relevant information do I need to know?”

For example, I live near NYC and meet a bunch of girls on the train. If you approached a girl on a train, what is a good logistical question to ask? The answer to the question should tell me, “how much time am I working with?”

If you said, “What’s your stop?” then congratulations! That’s the best relevant logistical question to ask in this scenario. Now you know if she gets off at the next stop, you need to speed things up. If she gets off to a much later stop then you know you have some time to cement the interaction.

Another example. Say you’re on vacation and meet a beautiful girl. What’s a good question to ask? The first one I like to ask is, “How long are you here for?” If she’s leaving soon then no matter how good my game is, it’s most likely she isn’t going to ditch her flight to go on a date with me.

Alright, I hope these two examples give you ideas for coming up with your own relevant logistical questions.

Now, say you approached a girl out on the streets, and things are going well. The mistake most guys make is to settle for the number.

Sorry to burst your bubble but a number is sometimes a stairway to heaven with nothing on the other end.

If you have the time, the goal of your day gaming approaches should always be an instant date.

You go from a random guy she met on the corner to a guy she’s getting to know over a coffee, a drink or bite to eat. This extra time to build comfort establishes you as someone she’ll want to see again.

If she has enough free time, which you determined from her logistics, ALWAYS go for the instant date.

To increase your odds of success, be aware of some nearby venues like coffee shops, cafes, bars, etc.

The good thing about Starbucks is it’s everywhere! Plus, most girls love Starbucks, so this is a great default to have in your back pocket if you can’t think of anything.

Your odds of a second date are always higher when going on an instant date compared to being a guy meets on the street for 2 minutes.

Once you figure out she has good logistics, say, “We should go to a [coffee shop, bar, etc.] nearby.”

If she gives you objections like, “No I can’t,” here are some things you can say:

  • “I want to get to know you more.”
  • “We will only go for 1 cup of coffee (or one drink).”
  • “It’s nearby.”

The first line justifies why you want to bring her to get coffee. The last two lines lower the level of commitment. For example, it’s easier asking to borrow $1 than $100 because it’s a smaller commitment.

If she still says she can’t, that’s ok, because this makes going for the phone number easier.

Because she can’t get coffee with you now, saying, “Alright, let’s get that coffee next time, what’s your number?” is a smooth transition.

When you go for the number, be sure to ask her, “When are you free this week?” You want to set up the date then and there. It’s a lot easier to set up the date in person, than over the phone. Trying to set up the date over text is an uphill battle that you want to avoid when possible.

Your Weekend Mission (If you choose to accept)

Beginners: Make 3 approaches and be sure to use at least one logistical question in every approach. The interaction only counts if you remembered to ask a logistical question.

Advanced: Make 5 approaches and be sure to use at least one logistical question in every approach. In addition, try to bring 3 girls on an instant date. It doesn’t matter if she can or not. What matters is that you went for it.

Alright, guys, there’s the tip of the week!

Be sure to go out there and start implementing it RIGHT AWAY. Success loves the speed of implementation.

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how to get your ex-girlfriend back

How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

Screwed things up with the girl of your dreams? I’m Matt Artisan, and I’ll show you how to get your ex-girlfriend back after a tough breakup.


How To Get Your Ex GF Back

Going through a breakup can be really tough and heartbreaking. But I’m here to help you learn how to get her back.

How could it have happened?

You found the girl of your dreams but you just didn’t know it at the time, and so you royally screwed things up! Or maybe you did know she was your one and only, but she left you for another guy. That’s brutal!

Before we get into the best ways to win over the one that left you, first a word of warning, nine out of Ten times when a relationship ends it’s best to learn from your mistakes and move on because the relationship was probably somewhat toxic. You just couldn’t see warning signs because you were blinded by love!

But what if you are afraid that you will never meet anyone else like her ever again. Well, you are probably right. The relationship you had with her was unique, and you will never have that exact relationship again. But chances are that you will find a different relationship in the near future that is just as or even more fulfilling.

A Breakup is an Opportunity

Now, you might feel like your life will never be the same again and that’s actually a good thing because this is an opportunity for a great deal of learning and growing.

Ask yourself the question, “What am I supposed to be learning from this?” “How am I supposed to grow?” “How will I become a better person because of this?” And remember, just because your relationship is over, it doesn’t change the core of who you are as a person.

So stop sobbing, learn from the experience and then get out there and start meeting some pretty ladies! Besides, if your ex-girlfriend hears that you are out dating, that might actually make her jealous and want you back.

Don’t be the desperate guy…

Most guys, however, do the exact opposite. They smother her, call her and text her 100 times a day! Show up at her work, which forced her to get a restraining order against them. This just creeps her out and pushes you further away leaving you with no shot in the future! AND a hefty fine if you come within 50 yards of her.

Sometimes, women just need space and some time to think about their relationship and priorities in life. Respect her wishes and give her some space. Don’t send her love letters or threaten to kill yourself. This just shows that you are a desperate man who has no life of his own. A woman wants a man that has a plan and purpose in life other than her.

I know women are going to hate me for saying this, but a woman does not want to be a Man’s only purpose in life. So take some time to focus on your life’s mission. If you’re not sure what that is then this is a perfect time to assess your values and figure out what you truly want out of life.

How To Get Your Ex GF Back: Starting from Scratch

If at this point you realize you still want her back, then wait a few days for things to calm down and then make contact with her. And I suggest sending a simple text like: “Hope you are doing well :).” This shows her that you still care about her without going overboard.

Just take things slow. Don’t get overly excited that she texted you back. Be casual and eventually ask her out for coffee. Yep, it’s kind of like starting from scratch.

When you see her in person, find out exactly why she broke up with you. She might actually give you an answer that surprises you. If she needs time to think, then tell her you’ll give her the time she needs. If it is something that you did or something she doesn’t like about you or your lifestyle, then you have to decide if you are willing to change or not.

Has She found someone else?

But what if she left you for someone else? Like your best friend, or your dad (Ewww..) or maybe her sexy female teacher (THAT could be INTERESTING!)

Getting her back when she already has someone else can be difficult. Now, if you try to beat him up, (NOT advisable) maybe it can make you feel better for a moment, OR get you arrested, but that’s not going to score her back.

Now, if she left you for your friend, then you deserve better. The best thing you can do is find someone yourself. That’s right! Get back out there and start dating! Meet girls online, at bars and everyday life. Have your friends introduce you to girls and join groups like dances classes or yoga class.

By the time she realizes her new guy is a douche bag, and she royally f*cked things up and comes crawling back, you’ll have probably met someone better. I know, it seems impossible now, but coming from someone who’s been in your shoes, trust me, there’s a lot of fish in the sea. It’s a cheesy metaphor, but it’s true.

So if you are going to get back out there and start meeting some beautiful ladies then definitely downloading my free conversation cheat sheet will do you great good.

You get:

  • My top conversation starters for any situation…
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  • And more!

Download it now because you’ll want to keep this handy before you go out.

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Now you know how to get your ex-girlfriend back! Remember, a breakup is an opportunity – not a setback! Go out there and get the girl… Whether you plan on getting her back or meeting someone new, it’s up to you! YOU’RE THE MAN!

I’m out! Cheers!

Learn How to Get a Girl’s Number and Text Her | The Attractive Man

Do you ever feel that texting girls is a waste of time? Do you even know what to text a girl?

Well here’s the deal; most guys have no idea what to text a girl.

Sure some of them might have game, and they might be able to pull a chick or two at the club, but they totally suck at keeping a girl interested, attracted and wanting them over text. And so the usually don’t see her again.

I don’t want you to be one of those guys.

what to text a girl

The way I see it, if you want the most amount of dates possible, you have to handle yourself in all aspects of the interaction, including “how to text a girl.”

And with the world speeding up and people getting busier and busier with their day-to-day lives, women in particular are relying on texting as their primary form of communication more so than ever.

So why not use that to your advantage?

I’m going to give you examples of what to text a girl you like in the basic escalation points of an interaction, but I don’t want you to just memorize these texts. I want you to really understand the mindset and thinking behind each texting example and work on integrating this while you are texting girls you like.

So let’s get started.

What To Text A Girl The First Time

Now there are two crucial – nay- immutable rules when it comes to the first text that you send a girl.

Rule number 1 – don’t be a bore.

Have you ever wondered what life must be like as a hot girl? Imagine having a whole barrage of men texting you every day, every hour and almost every minute, vying for your attentions and affection.

It can become quite a drag after a while. And there’s nothing worse than guys who are boring. These are the ones that start off text conversations with, “Hey there” or, “How’s your week been so far?” Just don’t be that guy.

Steal this text #1

Instead try something like this:

You: Stop it

 Her: Stop what?

 You: Stop thinking about me 😉

The great thing about this type of text is that it’s short, requires minimum commitment from her to reply and gets her curious.

Rule number 2 – Don’t send her an essay

One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of guys make when texting a girl they like is that they start over thinking things. And sometimes they end up sending long and drawn out texts that they’ve spent the last hour tweaking. Most of these get ignored.

Steal this text #2

Keep it short and keep it interesting, like this:

You: I think you gave me cooties the other day… 

Text like these are great because they’re short and they usually get a girl laughing which sets a great tone for the rest of the texteraction (yeah I just coined that).

What To Text A Girl To Build Comfort

Have you ever been talking to a girl over text and she’s been responding enthusiastically…only to suddenly reduce her response frequency?

Was it that you weren’t funny or interesting enough? Not really. In most cases this is because guys forget that even over text you need to make your conversation about you and her.

Funny texting openers are great and all, but sooner or later you have to steer the conversation towards you and her. Otherwise things just get boring and she won’t feel a connection.

Steal this text #3

Once I was texting a girl who said that she was really into rock music, which I dug. So I sent her this:

You: Imagine we’re at a Guns N Roses gig together. What are you wearing?

You see, at the end of the day even over text you have to be able to carry a normal conversation to build comfort. And sometimes doing this is as simple as paying attention to the little details of what a woman tells you.

What To Text A Girl To Build/Reignite Attraction

Here’s the thing, if a girl has already given you her number it’s fairly safe to assume that she’s at least mildly into you or curious about you.

But, that doesn’t mean your work is done. In a lot of instances a girl could be in an entirely different mindset compared to when she first gave you her number.

Steal this text #4

One of the best ways to reignite and build attraction is through call-back humor. For example, sometimes when I get a girl’s number I’ll save her number as “Smurfette” on my phone and then call her then and there and save my own number as “Smurf Daddy” on hers. And when I text her I send something like this:

You: Hello Smurfette, I heard that you’ve been very bad. No giggleberries for you today.

The awesome thing about using call-back humor in this way is that it gets a girl laughing and it also pulls her back into the mindset that she was in when she found you attractive enough to give you her number.

Steal this text #5

Now this tip’s going to be like the Holy Grail of texting knowledge in your arsenal. Ready for it? One of the quickest and most powerful ways to build attraction is to notice things in a woman that other guys don’t. For example:

You: You know I forgot to tell you the other day, I find it incredibly cute the way you play with your hair every time you laugh.

What I love about these types of texts is that they show that you notice things about her that make her her, and also makes your intentions very clear.

How To Text A Girl To Setup A Date

Now here’s the thing, it doesn’t matter if you two are vibing like Simon and Garfunkel over text, sooner or later you’re going to have to take the initiative and move things into real life. Or else you’re just going to start hearing from her less and less over time, or even worse be relegated to the dreaded “text-buddy-zone,” which is harder to get out of than the friend-zone.

Setting up a date over text is not very different from setting up a date in real life. Especially if it’s a first date. You see, the problem with texts like, “Let’s hang out” or “Wanna grab coffee?” is that they’re utterly boring. So instead of the logistical details of a date you should help paint a picture in a girl’s mind. For example:

Steal this text #6

You: There’s this awesome hole-in-the-wall restaurant I found that I’d like to take you to. We can sneak in our own cheap wine, get mildly drunk, and if all goes well we’ll finish the night with a tongue wrestling match…to the death.


Steal this text #7

You: What is your schedule Friday night?

Me: I should be free, what’s up?

You: OK, I need a partner in crime. I’ll pick you up at 7. There’ll be good music and cheap booze. Maybe a drunken nun or two.

These type of texts are especially great when it’s obvious that a girl is very much into you and has been trying to setup a date herself. Setting up a date this way keeps things exciting and mysterious, the two main ingredients for a great seduction.  

What Text A Girl To Introduce A Romantic Vibe

One of the things that I love about texting girls is that most girls are far more adventurous and bold when talking on text than they are in real life. Which is why it’s a great way to introduce a romantic element to your texting interaction.

Steal this text #8

You: I’ll bet you a think that I’m a better kisser than you.

Steal this text #9

You: Baby-dolls or corsets? I’m trying to decide on which to picture you in.

The trick here is to keep things light and fun, while introducing a romantic element to your conversations. Girl’s are incredibly attracted to guys who are unashamed about their sexuality and unabashed about their desires.

What To Text A Girl After The Date

Sometimes what you text a girl right after your date is almost as important as what you text her before; especially if you want to pursue something more long-term with her.

Steal this text #10

You: That’s probably the most fun I’ve had all week. Try not to think about me too much until I see you again :).

These type of texts can be used to get a girl thinking about you and excited about when she’ll get to see you again. Couple this with a day or two of little to no texting and trust me, she’ll be dying to see you again!

So there you have it, 10 texts that should help you get a few dates by themselves alone, and a whole lot more if you actually understand and internalize the thinking behind them. So go use them in good health and for God’s sake, come up with some great ones of your own!

How To Text a Girl

How To Text A Girl You Like – Texting Infographic

After sending thousands of text messages, we can tell you exactly how to text a girl you like.

You have her phone number, now what do you do?

What do you text so she wants to see you again?

And, how do you text her so you don’t sound like all the OTHER guys texting her?

FACT: If she is an attractive woman, she has other guys texting her.

If you send the same boring text messages that other guys are sending, she will dismiss you, stop responding, and completely lose interest.

So many guys mess up the texting interaction. It is a small, but CRUCIAL step in dating.  

To help you out, we created this fun and useful infographic that will guide you to get the date. But first, let me go over the ground rules for texting girls…

Ground Rules For What To Text A Girl…

  1. Keep Your Texts short and to the point.
  2. Text like a man, don’t be a wimp.
  3. If she’s not responding to your text messages, it’s probably because she wasn’t a strong connection in person.
  4. Don’t be boring. Keep your texts fun and playful.
  5. Don’t text her too often. Remember, you are a busy guy with things to do.
  6. You are the prize. Don’t put her on a pedestal.
  7. Girls will flake. Don’t let it affect you.
  8. Don’t send sexual text messages too early, unless you are advanced.
  9. Go for the date/hangout quickly. (As long as there was a connection)
  10. Remember, no pictures of your junk.

For more advice on seducing women through text, check out our program, Turn Her On Through Text.

Click on the image below to see a larger view:

How To Text A Girl Right After You Get Her Number Infographic

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how to flirt with a girl over text

How To Text Girls… Get the Date. Get the Girl & Get Her Obsessed With You

I am opening my private vault and revealing some of my best texts to get the date, get the girl, and get her wanting you.

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Hey man, let me ask you

… Do you ever worry if she will text back or not?

… Can you sometimes get the date and sometimes not?

… Have you had a texting conversation with a girl and then all of a sudden she just stops responding?

… Are you ever unsure if you are sending the right text?

… Do you ever meet up with her but she seems “turned off”?

… Do women ever send you short responses like they are not interested?

Don’t worry man, I used to be in the same situation. I couldn’t get the date and even worse, I could barely get girls to respond to me after I had gotten their number, even when it seemed we had a great connection in person.

In this video, I cover go over my secret methods to texting girls…

Make sure to check out this video where I cover:

1. The ONE text that women HATE to receive from guys…

2. The Text I use to get the date almost every time…

3. What to do if she is not responding…

4. And how to arouse her, turn her on, and seduce her with text messages.

These are some of my never before seen texting strategies that you have to check out.