Turn A Girl On: Don’t Forget To ISOLATE

In today’s tip, we’re going to build on last week’s email which was about how to turn a girl on, get physical and escalate. It’s not enough to know how to get physical. You also have to know WHEN to get physical and how to get there. That’s why today’s tip of the week is […]

Are Hot Women Really Attracted To Money?

Are Hot Women Really Attracted To Money? Or is that just an excuse poor guys tell themselves to justify the lack of women in their life? Well, the answer might shock you! I am finally going to answer the question “Are Hot Women Really Attracted To Money?” The Common Misconception. Look, I’m so sick of guys […]

18 Rules To Raise Your Status So Women Are Compelled To You

Women pay close attention to your position of status. There is a status ranking system that humans unconsciously run through their minds whenever they encounter anyone new in their life.  They try to figure out where they personally fit on the social ladder in relation to the other person in any given situation. For instance, […]

What It Takes To Be The Alpha Male

Do you want to automatically attract the most desirable women? It’s simple… be the Alpha. You see, we are herding animals and are genetically programmed to live in tribes.  We are also wired to give status and rank to the people in our tribe.  Have you ever noticed that you automatically rank yourself against the […]

How To Touch A Girl in a Way That Makes Her Feel Comfortable

How to Touch a Girl Touching releases the chemical Oxytocin, a powerful bonding hormone that makes her feel connected and trust you. A woman must be comfortable with your touch in order for her to sleep with you. Learning how to touch a girl to make her want you is essential! My name is Matt Artisan and […]