The ONE THING YOU MUST DO when flirting with women…

In today’s video, I’m talking about the ONE THING GUYS leave out when flirting with women. Click the link below to help you master how to flirt with women.

If you leave this part out, she won’t feel special. She’ll feel like you only want her for her looks.

She will see you like all the other guys.

Yup, we’re talking about qualification.

I go into the details in this video.


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Qualifying. It shows that you have standards, shows that you are a challenge, which presupposes that you must have other women in your life, other women at her caliber.

Here’s what to say to qualify: I don’t know anything about you, so I don’t know if we can hang out yet, but tell me one cool thing about you because I’m very picky. What are you, what are you passionate about it? Like what are you?

I imagine she’s gorgeous, knockout, right? The supermodel. But you normally date average looking women. What do you do? You treat her like every other woman.

But, most guys wouldn’t do that. They’d be, wow, yeah, I’ll take you to your favorite restaurant. I’ll take you out anytime. I’m free all week. Most guys would throw themselves at her. Do you want to be like other guys? Just treat her like normal and qualify her. You’re not sure of her and you want to find out if she’s the right fit for you. That shows that you must date women of her caliber, of her quality and of her status. And women want a guy who has higher status than them.

So, if you have the body language and you communicate that you date women of lower status, she’s not going to be interested. No woman wants to date a guy who dates women of lower status.

When you approach her in this relaxed way that I just showed you, it shows that you’re comfortable around her.

You’re comfortable around beautiful high quality women and that you expect them to like you. You wouldn’t approach a girl if you didn’t think she wouldn’t like you. You wouldn’t approach a girl if you expected rejection, you know, a guy wouldn’t do that. It doesn’t make sense, oh, this girl’s not going to like me because I don’t date women like her. She’s way too beautiful for me, but I’m gonna go talk to her anyway.

When you qualify, right away, she’s going to think you are high status. You are telling her, I don’t even know if I want your number because I don’t even know if you’re up to my status.

I don’t even know if you’re worthy enough for me to get your phone number and this isn’t like an egotistical thing like you’re better than her, but it’s just you don’t know.

You don’t know what she is. You don’t know if she can be a great woman, she could be a terrible woman. You don’t know. You’re just trying to find out. In the daytime situation, you don’t have time to find out everything.

Her looks got her foot in the door. That’s why you’re talking to her, but now she has to win you over so that you actually want her phone number.

First. You got to have standards. You’ve got to have what are the non-physical attributes that you’re looking for in a woman, so your homework assignment and write this down: make a list of 10 nonphysical qualities that you want in a woman and be specific.

Don’t just say, I want to grow with a good personality. What does that mean? What kind of personality do you want to grow with? A great sense of humor? What kind of sense of humor?

There are types of humor that you wouldn’t be attracted to. Do you like kind of offbeat, sarcastic humor? Slap-stick? Have five non-physical qualities that are non-negotiable. She must have those five. Then you could have five that you’d like in a woman but are okay with them not having those qualities. Like, I love a girl that can cook, but if she can’t cook, that’s not a deal breaker.

Qualifying does make her like you. It does make her see you as higher status. It gets her to qualify herself to you. Then, therefore, she’s investing in the interaction. She’s working for you. We as humans, we appreciate what we have to work for.

Think about if somebody just gave you a free car here, here’s the keys to a brand new car. It’s yours. You think you’d take care of it as well as if you had to work for two years to save up for that car,

Appreciate what you have to work for. Take care of it more. You value it more. If you don’t make her work for it at all, she’s not going to value it. The number’s not going to be solid. Qualifying is a technique that gets her to like you more, but it’s not just the technique. It isn’t a trick or a gimmick. It should be real. You should actually want to see if there’s something more about her. Qualifying is about finding and connecting to the woman of your dreams.

Now sometimes I get guys that are like, well, I don’t care. I haven’t gotten laid in so long. I just need a girlfriend or I need a date.

I tell them to qualify anyway because if they keep doing it, they keep asking those qualification questions, eventually, they’ll care about the answer. Maybe not the first couple of times, but eventually you will care and meet a girl who just gives you some crap answer and you’ll be like, oh, I don’t like that.

And you’ll leave… when you leave a beautiful woman because she didn’t match your qualifications. That’s a powerful moment. It’s like, Whoa, I have a choice.

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-Matt Artisan

how to start a conversation with a girl

How to Start a Conversation With A Girl You Like

Most guys never approach that sexy lady because they are too concerned about saying the right thing.

They are paralyzed by NOT KNOWING WHAT TO SAY.

There are tons all the beautiful women everywhere. I know you’ve seen that beautiful woman and you just wondered “How do I start the conversation in such a way that builds a connection and it leaves her wanting more?

Well let me break it down for you…

what to say to a girl you like

First rule is that it really doesn’t matter what you say. What matters is how you say it. I will give you a framework of what to say but you must understand that it may not work for you.

Two guys can say the exact same thing but get completely different responses based on their non-verbal communication.  So when starting a conversation have solid eye contact, don’t fidget nervously, and have a calm presence.

Now there are two categories of approaches, indirect and direct. An indirect approach is where you start the conversation without showing your sexual intent. A direct approach is where you start the conversation while openly showing your sexual intent either verbally or non-verbally.

I personally prefer direct approaches because she knows why I am there. I don’t have to finesse my way into a flirtatious conversation. I just jump right in.

Now lets cover different ways to start a conversation and break the ice.

Situational Conversation starter

Break the ice with her by commenting on the environment around you.  This is an indirect approach. Here’s an example of something you could say at the grocery store:

how to pick up women

(She is choosing apples in the produce area):  “If I were you, I’d go with Gala apples because they are delicious. Have you tried them before?

Can you see that it was nothing fancy or complicated? I made a statement and then brought her into the conversation. You can comment on anything you find interesting. Make sure you smile as you talk to her.

The main idea is to bring up something that YOU find interesting. If you try to think of something that she will find interesting, then you already lost.

This manner of opening will not always get a great response but also will rarely generate a negative response.

From here, ask her where she is from and have some small talk. Then, give her a genuine compliment and then start turning up the flirting.

Opinion Opener | Conversation Starter

Break the ice by asking for her opinion. This is also an indirect approach. Women love to share their opinion so this has the potential to work very well. For example, let’s say you are shopping for a new shirt.

If there happens to be an attractive woman around, ask her which one she prefers.

Flirt with her while she is helping you decide on a wardrobe. After you determine she is a girl you want to see again, ask her for her number. Say something like,

You know, I really like how easy you are talk to. I want to take you out for a drink sometime. What is your number?”

Notice how I said, “I really like how easy you are to talk to.” By saying this, I am making it apparent that we have a connection. And when she thinks there is some sort of connection, she will want to see me again.

Direct Compliment Conversation Starter

how to get girls

Break the ice by going direct from the very beginning. This is my favorite way to start a conversation and pick her up.

Start off with a genuine compliment so that she knows why you are there. By doing this, she knows why you are there and it is much easier to get her number this way.

Here’s an example:

“Hey real quick, I know this is random but you are absolutely… ADORABLE”.

Or you can just use an implied compliment:

“Listen, I saw you here and I had to come over and meet you. Hi, I’m Matt”.

When you express your interest right away, you display confidence because you are willing to be vulnerable and risk getting rejected.

But the funny thing is that when you give her a genuine compliment, you will rarely be shut down.

After you compliment her, you want to find out if she meets your standards.  Find out if she is worth your time. Whatever you do, DON’T TRY TO IMPRESS HER. For all you guys that want to know how to get girls to like you, take note.

Because you don’t want to impress her. You want her to impress you. That is how you get a girl to like you.

Say something like, “So tell me something interesting about yourself.”

That’s what to say to a girl you like. This is a qualifying statement because I am trying to see if she meets my standards.

After she responds, relate to the topic by sharing a personal story or opinion about it. Then keep finding out if she is “cool enough” to hang out with you.

Remember, it doesn’t matter what you say but how you say it.

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how to flirt with a girl over text

How To Text Girls… Get the Date. Get the Girl & Get Her Obsessed With You

I am opening my private vault and revealing some of my best texts to get the date, get the girl, and get her wanting you.

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Hey man, let me ask you

… Do you ever worry if she will text back or not?

… Can you sometimes get the date and sometimes not?

… Have you had a texting conversation with a girl and then all of a sudden she just stops responding?

… Are you ever unsure if you are sending the right text?

… Do you ever meet up with her but she seems “turned off”?

… Do women ever send you short responses like they are not interested?

Don’t worry man, I used to be in the same situation. I couldn’t get the date and even worse, I could barely get girls to respond to me after I had gotten their number, even when it seemed we had a great connection in person.

In this video, I cover go over my secret methods to texting girls…

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Don’t Judge a Woman For Her Sexuality


Recently, a large number of celebrity nude photos were leaked on to the vast expanse we call the internet. These women were judged for their sexuality.  Such A-list names as Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Ariana Grande, Jessica Brown Findlay, and many more high profile actresses and models have been permanently exposed for anyone who was left wondering what these women “might” look like naked or what they “really” do behind closed doors, to know the truth. There is not much left to the imagination anymore.

Much to my dismay, there has been a public outcry on various social media outlets and forums about how these women are idiotic for saving this type of content to the cloud or taking these pictures and videos at all. Even worse, they are being demonized as “sluts” by other detractors.

I want to address these issues and how they could be affecting you finding that sensually open woman of your dreams. Let’s use JLaw as our example.

Known to be an American sweet heart with a lighthearted personality, Jennifer is not only a 10 on the outside, but a perceived 10 on the inside, so how is it that this picturesque, upstanding citizen could be caught in lewd positions in front of the lens?

First, let’s rule out lack of better judgment. You see, humans, and even more so women, are emotional, sensual creatures. In the moment she took those images herself, or let someone else take them, she was thinking about the affection she had for the receiver. That person gave her the emotional feelings and trust necessary for her to be her truest, natural self, both sexual and vulnerable. Does that make her any more or less of a good human being that we, on the outside, seeing through the eyes of media, have perceived her to be? No, it does not.

Don’t Judge a Woman For Her Sexuality

In practice, the “slut” mindset is extremely detrimental to dating and society as a whole. Let’s be honest. We all want a partner(s) who allows us to voice our wildest propositions in an environment unchecked by judgment. When we slander a person’s character because of their activity in the bedroom, not only do we directly affect their future actions, we affect the future actions of all the people who are influenced by them. For instance, because Ms. Lawrence’s erotic selfies were published online and she was deemed a “slut,” now your partner won’t send you any more racy photos out of fear she may elicit the same outcome, long after your time together has come to a close.

The moral is this: it doesn’t matter how much money or status a person has, because we are all bound to the same laws of nature. We eat, we sleep, and we fornicate.

Some of us may like to use cameras to record our sexual exploits, some may enjoy overtly public displays of affection. Whatever the case may be, if we continue to judge each other for exploring our sexual freedom, then we will continue down a road of sexual repression. Either we all win, or we all lose.

Don’t Judge a Woman For Her Sexuality

10 Power Questions To Get Her To Open Up You

How do you move from being complete strangers, to being deeply connected with someone?

How do you make her feel like she has known you for years, even though you have only been talking for minutes?

In order for her to have a sexual relationship with you, she needs to feel a connection with you.

Most guys ask questions to get to know her, but they don’t really “know her,” and she can feel that. They may ask her about her parents, favorite activities, and job, but they don’t dive in to how she really feels about the topic.  They don’t find out what really makes her special. Every girl knows she is different and special, and she wants a guy to see that. When you are the guy that truly understands her and sees her as a one-of-a-kind girl, then she will fall for you.

Express that you really care about who she is, instead of just trying to get into her pants.

I have below some powerful questions that will help you build a intimate connection with a girl in the least time possible. First let me give you some guidelines.

  • Draw out her emotions and use the word “feel” in your language. For example, “what one thing about your home town makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside?”  I am basically asking her to feel “warm and fuzzy inside” and by doing this, you will see a noticeable shift in her emotions. She will light up.
  • Don’t jump to solve her problems.  When women feel connected to you, they will want to share everything that is going on with their life, including problems.  Don’t try to fix them.  As men, we want to solve the problem, but she really just wants you to listen.
  • At first, she will give you the standard answer to your question, like she gives most guys.  What you need to do is probe more to find out what is really important to her. Good follow up questions are, “Tell me more about that?” or “How do you feel about that?”
  • To truly create trust and  connection, you must be vulnerable and share something revealing about yourself. Take the facade off and let her see who you really are inside. Make sure you yourself have good answers to the questions you ask her because she may ask you the same question in return.

The Questions

Note:  These questions are not intended to be asked consecutively like an interview.  Weave them into the conversation naturally.

1. Imagine you could have your ideal day, what would it look like?  Where would it be, who would it be with, and what would happen on this dream day of yours? This is a great question to elicit values.  Within this one question, she will tell you about the man she wants in her life, what she likes doing, and the people that are important to her.  Let her speak. Then go back and dive into the topics that really made her light up with joy.

2. What one thing are you really proud of that you don’t openly share with people? Many people are proud of certain accomplishments or traits but they don’t share them because they don’t want to seem boastful.  Here you are giving her permission to boast and will find out something interesting about her.

3. Tell me something personal about you that not more than 10 people know? This is a powerful question and after she answers will make her feel so connected with you. After all, she is sharing something she doesn’t share with most people and almost instantly you are in her closest circle of relationships.  Make sure you have some level of rapport or she will not want to answer this one.  You may get traumatic stories about rape, abuse, death etc.  That is okay, just be ready for it and empathize with her.  Remember, you are getting to know her so it is good if she opens up to you in this way. Your personal answer to this question should demonstrate good qualities about you.

4. What is your vision? Women have goals too, not just men. Most guys get so wrapped up in their mission that they forget to listen to the needs of their woman.  Ask her what she wants in life as well.

5. How are you?  No really, how are you? When asked, “How are you?” or “How was your weekend?” most people give the short and generic “good” response.  They didn’t really answer the question. So challenge them to answer the question. Tell them, “No really, how are you?” or “No really, how was your weekend?”  By doing this, you are demonstrating your power and concern for them. You will also learn more about them. Get into the habit of also giving a real answer when asked these questions.  If you don’t have time to dive into their weekend, say “Good morning,” “good afternoon” or “good evening” instead.

6. Tell me something interesting about yourself. My go-to qualification question.

7. Where did you grow up?  What did you like about that?

8. Who has been an influential role model to you?

9. What’s the most memorable book (movie, concert, etc.) you have ever read?

10. What are you passionate about in life right now?

11. Tell me about your family. What are they like?

12. What was the happiest day of your life?

13. What do you think I am like?” You’ll get useful feedback on how you’re doing and how she perceives you.

14. What role would you like to play in a movie?

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Remember, find out who she REALLY is.  Do you have some great questions that have worked well for you?  Put them in the comments down below?