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Stop sending BORING Texts that Piss Her Off… Win her over with these Seductive Texts.

From The "Personal Dating Laboratory" of Matt Artisan, International Dating Coach

Are you able to get a girl's phone number but struggling to get the Date and keep the attraction alive?

Do you get frustrated when girls don't respond to your texts?

Do you want texting women to be easy so that you always know what to say at the right time?

My name is Matt Artisan and I wasn't always the World's Most Sought After Dating and Attraction Coach.

I used to flat out SUCK with Girls.

And one of the areas where I kept getting stuck was during the texting interaction.  I was able to get phone numbers but I couldn’t get that girl on a date or get her to want to see me again

It was frustrating because it seemed fine when I got her number, but then it all fell apart when we started texting…

Sometimes they wouldn’t respond at all…

Sometimes they would respond but after a few texts back and forth, they would just disappear…

I was sick of these phone numbers flaking.

Maybe you can relate to that. You see, as guys, we tend to just text what we think.  That’s like walking into the bar, standing in the corner, and expecting the hottest girl in the bar to come over and take you home with her.  If that is your plan, you’ve already lost.

Guys that are amazing with women know that 80% of Sexual Attraction is sub-communicated.  The same is true with texting: 80% of her attraction towards you is what is being sub-communicated through your text messages.

Listen, text messages are comprised of words, and most of us think that words are just words. The truth is that words have the power to inspire, persuade, and SEDUCE.

A woman can usually tell by the first few texts you send her, if she will sleep with you or not…

Simply from the words you chose and what those words told her about you.

Not choosing the right words is like taking a pencil to a swordfight. Choose the right words and you can make her want to see you…

You can spark instant attraction and give her that feeling of “I have to have him.” and you can get her so sexually aroused she is begging to see you (more on this later) So to be truly EFFECTIVE, we have to learn how to peer inside the mind of women and write texts that stimulate their emotions.

I'm talking about texts that make her FEEL intense desire and attraction… Texts that women love to get… and differentiate you from all the other texts guys send her.

So how did I finally get my texting handled and why is it that thousands of guys have sought me out to teach them?

Well, I became a master at female psychology and seductive writing. I studied how to use words to spark emotion and attraction, because with the right words, I can get the date nearly every time, get her always ‘thinking’ about me, and turn her “on” at will.

I studied the greatest storytellers and writers in history including, William Shakespeare, James Joyce, and Ernest Hemingway. You see, the greatest authors are able to seduce the mind of the reader and keep them hooked like a magnet.

So, I studied the top selling romance novels to figure out how the authors get women to devour those books like a hungry pack of lions.

With this profound knowledge of writing, I applied it to texting girls.

After sending THOUSANDS of Text Messages, I created a simple texting sequence to get her wanting to see me and on a date...

Couple of happy young people in love posing outdoors over brickI figured out exactly what to text to get the date…

I figured out exactly what to text if she didn’t respond…

I figured out how to tease her and get her thinking about me...

So,  listen, here is the deal… As you know the right words will make or break your texting, so I am going to give you 100 of some of my best exact word for word texts to guide you to the date and all the way to the bedroom.

I call it The Texting Girls Guide App and it is at a ridiculously low price of 99 Cents!

Over 170,000 guys have already downloaded The Texting App. Grab yours!

With Over 100 Texts, you can easily find one that fits your personality and situation. 

  • First Text Openers: Use these texts right after you meet her so she doesn't forget about you...
  • Teasing Texts: These are great for creating a flirtatious vibe...
  • Humor Texts: Use these texts when you want to put a smile on her face without overdoing it...
  • Interesting Questions Texts: Get to know her without sending the same boring texts as every other guy...
  • Going For The Date Texts:  Get her wanting to see you with these proven texts...
  • Re-engagement Texts: This are specially formulated to get her to respond and texting you again...
  • Sexual Texts: Use these to "Turn Things Sexual" without being creepy...
  • And much more…

BONUS: The Texting Toolkit

When You Download The App, You Also Get This Legendary Texting Guide

Here's What You'll Discover...

  • The 3 powerful texts to GET THE DATE and get her wanting to see you – on page 18
  • The one text to keep her thinking about you all day… (This will drive her crazy) on page 25
  • What to text if she doesn’t reply – on page 27
  • The Inception Text, which will get her thinking about sleeping with you before the date – on page 35
  • The text messages sequence I use to get her so “turned on” she is begging for sex… I know this may sound hard to believe, but believe me, it works… and almost too well. – on page 38
  • Why being “funny” through text, may be killing your chances – on page 49
  • The one text that GIRLS HATE to receive from guys. Once you stop doing this and understand why, women will instantly be more responsive to your texts.
  • Exactly when to send the first text.
  • Ground Rules Of Texting – page 12
  • And much more…

Here's What Our Customers Have To Say...

Hands down this absolutely works! Matt, I owe you one. I just got a date with a hottie and I couldn't have done it without your amazing texts!

- Jordan H

This App rocks! It's simple, to the point, and the texts really work. I got a date the same night I started using them.

- Saul Piere

At one point I started getting numbers and I had NO CLUE what to do with them.  I tried calling and they didn't pick up... I tried texting and it didn't go anywhere.  I started losing faith in dating until I found Matt's Texts.  He structured everything so simply and I definitely recommend it to guys who want to get dates.

- Erik B

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