Duke DeLaet has been involved in the dating industry for 6 years. Inspired by his own transformation from anti-social homeschool nerd to a world-traveling dating coach, Duke worked closely with Artisan in the 2-Year Trainer program before becoming a coach.

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Duke got his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in order to have a deep understanding of the inner game and behavioral modification. Duke’s passion for working with students coupled with his expertise in NLP, hypnosis and timeline techniques allows him to achieve rapid inner game changes, which translate into real-world results.

His deep respect for intimacy and authentic communication sets his teaching apart from the typical attraction fray as he helps students get in touch with their inner integrity and foster honest heart-centered relationships.

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When we’re done working together, you’ll know exactly how to be authentic around beautiful women without overthinking ever again. In fact, to be real with you, you’ll walk away a completely evolved man by the time we’re finished.

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