do women like being approached

Do Women Like Being Approached?

Do women like being approached? Our International Dating Coach, Jules Bia asks the women of Vancouver about their most memorable times when men have approached them. You won’t believe what they say!

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We’ll be there to guide you to your path to becoming a better man – the best version of yourself! That way, your a MAN that attracts women NATURALLY, not one of those sleazy, manipulative, shallow men who only settle for unsatisfying relationships.

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A good number of men absolutely HATE approaching, talking to, and interacting with women. Why? Because they feel its a big, messy, complicated process!

News flash, it does not have to be that way. Our training has opened the eyes of countless men worldwide. They discovered all the things they THOUGHT they were doing right were actually huge mistakes. And that a few tweaks in their beliefs and mentality has done wonders for them.

Getting a newfound confidence and view in life has helped our students improve their interaction with women. Once a natural flow of confidence that comes from a powerful mindset comes in, the road to improvement for the guys became instantly smoother.

Women don’t hate men. They don’t hate approaches. They hate the WRONG kind of approaches!

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