How To Talk To Girls In A Coffee Shop (INFIELD)

How many times do you see a beautiful woman sitting all alone in a cafe? And you want to talk to her, but you just don’t do it? Do you know how to talk to girls in a coffee shop? Maybe you: Don’t know what to say. Just feel awkward and weird approaching her. Are worried that everyone else […]

How to Approach Girls in the Gym

In this video, I’ll show you how to approach girls in the gym. Almost nobody approaches at the gym because it can be awkward while working out. IIf guys DO approach, they usually try to hide their intent by making up a lame excuse to talk to a girl. “Are you sure you know how […]

How To Approach Women In A Store | Infield Video

In today’s video, I show you how to approach a girl that walks into a store. I’m showing you this because I see too many guys in our boot camps stop once she goes into a store. There are only a few circumstances where you should not approach. When in doubt, just approach her. Remember, […]

How To Pick Up Girls At The Beach

The beach is one of THE BEST PLACES TO MEET WOMEN… At popular beaches you’ll find tons of beautiful women looking their best in small bikinis and yet most guys don’t approach them. That means… little competition. Now approaching women at the beach is a bit different and in this video, I show you how: Watch […]

Approaching Hot Models in Vegas | How To Approach A Girl w/ Josiah Prise

In today’s video, Josiah Prise is out approaching some BEAUTIFUL women in vegas. You can also see one of the approaches from start to finish. Check it out. Subscribe To Our Youtube Channel. Let me know your questions or comments about the video.  Cheers!